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Side-by-Side or Multi-Door?

If you’re thinking about buying an American Style fridge freezer, your next decision may be whether to go for a side-by-side or a multi-door configuration. The side-by-side is more traditional and comes with the freezer compartment on the left with the fridge on the right (see image on left), whilst the multi-door will have more then two doors, with the fridge at the top and freezer at the bottom (see image on right).


For most of you, this will be your most expensive kitchen appliance purchase, so make sure you buy the right product. I will now take you through some of the advantages and disadvantages of both formats.


Both products can look amazing and stylish, but for me the multi-door slightly edges this one, it’s like having French doors leading out to your garden, such a wonderful feeling on a bright clear day to open the doors and view the scenery. You open the fridge doors of your fridge freezer and are treated to a huge cavernous space full of your favourite food and drink.

Winner = Multi-Door

Choice & Price

There are lots of side-by-side products to choose from, with many brands producing this type, this means competition is fiercer, thus pricing is a lot more competitive and you can pick up one up on a good deal almost everyday. Multi-door products are more expensive and there is less competition, so you could find yourself having to pay £hundreds more for one of these (depending on brand).

Winner = Side-by-Side


There is not a lot to choose between the two, they both have a lot of the same features and technology. Some side-by-side’s have a non-plumbed water and ice dispenser, which multi-doors do not (only plumbed water and ice), but then because multi-door’s have more than two doors, sometimes they use a drawer/door which can be used as a fridge or freezer, which offers great flexibility.

Winner = Draw

Ease of Use

The main concern people have with a side-by-side is that the compartments are narrow, especially the freezer, so you won’t be able to fit in very large platters in the fridge or lay down large pizza boxes in the freezer. On the positive side, you can easily view what is stored in each compartment as food is not piled on top of each other.

With a multi-door there are no narrow compartments and you are able to utilise the full width of the fridge and freezer, so large platters will fit with ease. The only downside is that the freezer capacity is normally lower than a side-by-side and if the freezer section is a drawer (rather than a door) you can find yourself stacking food on top of each other and not being able to find it as easily as you would in a side-by-side.

Overall, I would say that a multi-door is better in this area. The fridge is what you are going to be using the most (as opposed to the freezer) and you won’t have to bend down to store or remove your food.

Winner = Multi-Door


If I was going to replace my fridge freezer, I would buy a multi-door as I believe the concept and fridge space are more user friendly and the design is very stylish. However, this really does depend on the price and if there are any good deals around.

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