The Fridge Freezer That Takes a Selfie

Your kitchen appliances are coming to life……….


hoover_wizardWhen you think of the future and the smart home, you probably don’t tend to think about your fridge or your washing machine. In the main, these are pretty boring products, just working tirelessly in the background. This is all about to change though, with these products set to become smarter and more helpful.


Bosch launch the first fridge freezer with integrated cameras

Bosch claim to have launched the first fridge freezer with integrated cameras. Why do you need a camera in your fridge you may ask?  It’s a useful feature if you’re out shopping and can’t remember if you need to buy  more  milk, cheese, yoghurts etc.  You can just take an internal picture of your fridge and take a look on your phone, pretty handyBosch-camera. The cameras might also deter sneaky hands from stealing your treats!

Not satisfied only having a fridge with a camera? Then don’t worry, as AEG are also planning on launching an oven with an integrated camera. Instead of having to continually check on your soufflé or pizza, just relax on your sofa and keep an eye on your food via your tab or smartphone.


Smart connected appliances are not just about putting a camera inside

It’s not just camera’s making home appliance smarter. Hoover have launched their ‘Wizard’ range, which is the UK’s first WiFi fully connected kitchen, letting you choover_wizard-2ontrol your appliances when you’re out and about.

You can store favourite programme settings, have alerts that tell you when your cycle has finished and if the fridge door has been left open and even pre-heat the oven, ready for when you arrive home.

A big advantage of such appliances is if you got everything prepared in your washing machine or dishwasher and just forgot to turn them on, no problem you can just get out your phone and start them, right? Uh, no, unfortunately not. For safety reasons, you actually have to tell certain appliances beforehand that you are going to use them remotely (eg washing machine), this is just so nothing can stray into your washing machine without you realising and then you switch it on, the consequences could be a bit disastrous.

Should you be rushing out to buy these smart connected appliances?

The issue with making home appliances connected, is that they all at some point require manual interaction, whether that be loading your washing machine or putting food into your oven, so whilst it might be a nice to have it’s not essential. The products are currently not clever enough to make a big impact on your life. These product also carry a price premium, as this is new technology and new to the market.

In three to five years time it is more than likely that all new products launched in the market will have some kind of connectivity, it will become the normal way of life and we will probably look back at these times and wonder how we ever coped without them.

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