Kenwood Large Home Appliances


Kenwood is a true British heritage brand dating back to 1947. You’re probably aware of the brand for making stand mixers and small kitchen appliances. But you’ve now started seeing large Kenwood appliances for sale at Currys and you’re thinking of purchasing one, but not sure if it’s a reliable brand or who makes it?

Below are some links to the Kenwood products I have been able to review. Not a comprehensive list, but I’ve managed to cover most of their appliances:

Where can you buy Kenwood home appliances?

First thing to note is that Kenwood large appliances have nothing to do with the actual Kenwood brand as you know it, the one famous for kitchen mixers. For nearly five years now, the Kenwood brand name has been licensed by Currys to use as their exclusive brand for large home appliances only. If you have a question regarding any of the appliances I have listed above or have any issues once you have purchased one, then these should be aimed at Currys and not Kenwood.

Who manufactures Kenwood home appliances?

Kenwood large appliances are mostly produced in China and Turkey (correct as of today’s date), utilising the expertise of established factories and manufacturers. Currys use Kenwood as their premium brand offering, with Logik and Essentials sitting below it. Because of this you might find you do get some nice extra features and touches with the Kenwood brand at a very reasonable price.

Are Kenwood home appliances reliable?

It is hard for me to comment on how reliable Kenwood appliances are, they only come with a standard one year guarantee, so if you do want extra peace of mind you can always take out extended warranty cover. The brand has received quite a few Best Buy awards from Which? mainly for their refrigeration products, but also in the dishwasher category. Laundry doesn’t fare as well in the scoring. Remember to also read some real consumer reviews to see how they are rating the brand. Reevoo is the best place to do this as they collate all of the Currys consumer reviews.

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