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Is Samsung AddWash™ an Unnecessary Added Cost?

There’s not so many technological developments happening in the World of washing machines, but the latest one to hit the market is the Samsung AddWash™.Samsung-AddWash-2

It’s an extra little door mounted on to the main door, as you can see from the picture on the right. This extra door seems to be a continued theme from Samsung, who have also gone down this route on some of their fridge freezers.

The main purpose of this extra door is to be able to add items to the wash programme after it has been started. I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation before when we’ve started our washing machine, only to find we’ve missed a sock or another item of clothing. With AddWash™ you can easily add these items through the second door.

The concept sounds like a nice idea, but in most cases if you have forgotten to put an item in your washing machine, you can just wait until the next time you wash, unless it’s an emergency laundry situation. As with all new technology, you need to think about how much easier it is going to make your life, compared to how much more it is going to cost you.


I took a look at Currys, the UK’s biggest retailer of home appliances, at two very similar Samsung models (one with AddWash™ and one without), to see how much is being charged for this extra door and I was amazed.

The one with AddWash™ is £160 more expensive! A nice to have feature, but not an essential one to pay an extra £160 for (prices correct as of 30/04/2016).

Samsung WW70K5410WW £529.99 (save £70)
Samsung WF70F5E2W4W £369 (save £30)

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