Fast Washing – The Need for Speed

What’s the Fastest Washing Machine in the Market?

It’s time to look for a new washing machine and in particular a fast washing machine, not one where you have to wait for hours on end for your clothes to be cleaned.

It seems to be a common belief that today’s washing machines take longer to wash than in days gone byWM_EL. This is probably true, as all washing machines need to comply with the latest EU energy labelling standards. Washing times have become longer as less water is being used, using less water means less energy is consumed (to heat the water), but on the flip side, using less water means that washing machines now have to wash for longer to achieve the required cleanliness.

This energy labelling standard only applies for certain programmes though, such as Cotton 60°c and Cotton 40°c. This means there are still plenty of quick wash options to choose from, what you need to bear in mind, is that in the main, manufacturers only recommend using a quick programme for:

  • Reduced loads (some brands do have quick programmes for a full load, which can be seen in the table below)
  • Lightly soiled items
  • Clothes made from cotton

It’s always best to read the instruction book first to see what is specified. Don’t expect to fill your washing machine with dirty laundry and for it to be fully cleaned on a quick programme.

Which brands deliver the fastest washing performance?

Most washing machines will have some sort of quick wash programme, but which are the best? I’ve taken a look at some of the biggest brands below, these programmes might not necessarily be on every one of their washing machines, so do some of your own research to find out which washing machines offer the programmes below, this can be done on the manufacturer’s or retailer’s website, or by downloading a copy of the instruction book.

1kg of washing is roughly equivalent to 5 shirts/t-shirts.



If speed is your main desire, then there seems to be one obvious winner for the crown of fastest washing machine brand, which has both a rapid small load and full load quick wash programme.

Whilst there are many 14 – 15 minute small load programmes available, only Beko can claim to have the fastest wash programme for a full load of lightly soiled clothing, up to 11kg in as little as 28 minutes, only Hoover come close to rivalling that.

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