Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions that you may have pertaining to this site, if you do not find the answer you are looking for, then please do contact me via the contact form on this website.

Who is Appliance Spotter?

With many years of experience within the home appliance industry, I have lots of knowledge and experience of what technology and features you should be looking for when you make your next purchase. I’ve set-up this site to help you find the right appliance at the right price, in what can be a very confusing market, see the About section for more details.

How have you picked the products and deals shows on the

By researching many retailer sites, I pick out the products which I feel offer value for money (not necessarily the cheapest). This saves you the hassle and time of doing it yourself.

Can I buy appliances from

No, Appliance Spotter is not a retailer, just an independent advice website where you can find the latest information on home appliances and I will direct you to third party links where you can buy the products, if you so wish.

How often is this website updated?

This website is updated as and when I see any new deals that become available, I will add the date when I have changed pricing or uploaded a new deal. I try to keep the site as up to date as possible, but due to the nature of this market, retailers can sometimes change prices daily (to keep up with the competition) and this can get missed, so if you click on a deal that is no longer valid then I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

There is not a lot of choice

In my experience, people do not want to be presented with too much choice, it can get confusing. The products and deals presented on this site are handpicked to show the best deals I can find in the market.

Why have you set-up this website?

To help and assist people who do not have knowledge of this industry in choosing the right appliance, without being confused by the thousands of products that are in the market.

Who is this site useful for?

Anyone who is looking for a new appliance, if yours has broken down or you just fancy an upgrade on your existing products. Even if you do not like any of the deals, then a read through my ‘help me choose guides’ or ‘blog posts’, could help you decide which product is best suited for you.

Which is the best brand to buy?

Not something I can really answer, it really does vary. I would strongly encourage you to read customer reviews on Reevoo or retailer websites and Which? is probably the most trusted independent testing institute in the UK for appliances, but you have to pay to read their product reviews.

Is it ok to buy online without first seeing the product in a shop?

Yes, the content that is available online, such as videos and photography, makes the purchase much more easier these days. If you are spending a lot of money or want to make your appliance a centrepiece in your kitchen, then I would always recommend going into store and checking out the fit, feel and finish. What you cannot tell by online pictures is if the product feels sturdy and the exact colour finish. If you cannot find the exact model you want instore, then at least go and check out other models from the brand, to give you some idea.

How do you earn money?

Through affiliate marketing. If you click on one of the links from my website to a retailer and purchase a product, I will get paid a small commission.