Best Fridge Freezer 2016

Which is the Best Fridge Freezer for Keeping Your Food and Drinks Cool this Summer?


Summer is coming and we’re going to have a heatwave at last……. well that’s what we tell ourselves every year, so maybe this is the year for it to finally happen. If it’s true, then it might be time for you to upgrade on your current fridge freezer to keep all that barbecue food nice and fresh and more importantly your drinks ice cold, but what is currently the best fridge freezer around?best-fridge-freezer-2016-beerSamsung_RB29FSJNDWW_PI

I’ve used two sources to help me make my choice, to see which fridge freezer is currently the best around, these being Which? and Reevoo (only taking fridge freezers with more than 25 reviews into consideration).

Out of all the models, I would recommend Samsung’s entry level RB29 fridge freezers. They score at least a 9 out of 10 on Reevoo and the RB29 fridge freezers with water dispenser have received the Which? Best Buy award, with Which? calling it an “Outstanding fridge freezer, particularly for the price”. Samsung also have an above average reliability rating.

Standard Features you will find on the RB29:

  1. Digital Inverter compressor – Helps maintain a more consistent temperature, reduces wear and tear and keeps noise to a minimum. It’s also energy efficient and comes with a 10-year parts
  2. Two year parts and labour warranty, but there are often promotions where this is extended to five years.
  3. Multi Flow cooling – Cooling air flows out through multiple outlets on every shelf, providing even cooling throughout the refrigerator, as well as quickly cooling the refrigerator back down to its optimal temperature after the door has been opened. By keeping the temperature steady, your food is kept safely chilled and better preserved.
  4. EZ slide shelf – Samsung’s Easy Slide shelf is built on rolling hinges and pulls out so you can efficiently organise and easily access items – and readily see just what you have stored in the
  5. Optional Water Dispenser – On some models you can choose to have a non-plumbed water dispenser.best_fridge_freezer_water-dispenser
  6. No Frost – No ice will build up in the fridge or the freezer, meaning you will never have to worry about having to manually defrost the freezer

Price you should be aiming to pay for an RB29

You can normally purchase a Samsung RB29 fridge freezer for less than £400, so don’t pay much more than this.

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