Logik LSBS4DX18

  • This Logik LSBS4DX18 American Multi-Door Fridge Freezer is not as wide as a standard sized American product (by roughly 10cm), so a good option if you are tight on space.


    The fridge section is at the top with freezer section split into two at the bottom and there is an open door alarm to warn you if you leave any doors open for too long.


    Utilising an airflow cooling system, this circulates and emits cold air out of multiple outlets, so should provide faster and more even cooling. You can store all your fruit and veg in the two large salad crispers.


    From the LED display you can set the temperature of the fridge and freezer as well as setting different options, such as fast chill and fast freeze, which will cool your food down rapidly, so it better retains its nutrients and taste.


    It has an A+ energy rating which is standard for a fridge freezer.


    Remember to take a read through my American Style guide before making your purchase.



    What’s the best price for the Logik LSBS4DX18?


    If you are interested in buying the Logik LSBS4DX18, then make sure you don’t pay over the odds.


    The maximum price you should be paying for the Logik LSBS4DX18 is £600, but the best price would be below £500.


    Remember to also check out some independent review sites to see how they are rating this fridge freezer. Two of the best sites for this are below, but you will have to be a member of Which? to read their reviews:

    1. Reevoo

    2. Which?


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  • Dimensions
    H180 x W79.5 x D70cm

  • 401L Net Capacity
    268L fridge, 133L freezer

  • PRICE AS OF: 26/12/2018

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