Hotpoint RSG845JKX Washing Machine

  • This Hotpoint RSG845JKX washing machine features a Direct Injection system which mixes water with detergent before it enters the drum, this makes the detergent more effective at cleaning at lower temperatures.


    The 8kg capacity on this Hotpoint RSG845JKX should suit most small families, although there are bigger capacities available in the market.


    There is an LED display, where you can keep track of the time remaining of your wash and the time delay means you can set your washing machine to start at a time more convenient for you.


    If you need clothes cleaned in a hurry, there is a 30 minute quick wash programme for a small load of lightly soiled clothing. Other special programmes include Anti-Allergy, which uses a combination of high temperature technology and extra rinses to neutralise and remove 99.9% of major allergens, and Anti-Stain, which removes more than 100 stains.


    The brushless motor features less moving parts than a standard brush motor, thus reducing noise levels and making it more reliable.


    Hotpoint offer a 10 year guarantee on parts (1 year for labour), but to get this you have to remember to register your warranty and parts are only free if they are fitted by Hotpoint, read here for more details.


    Remember to take a read through my washing machine guide before you make your purchase.



    What’s the best price for the Hotpoint Smart+ RSG845JKX?


    If you are interested in buying the Hotpoint Smart+ RSG845JKX washing machine, then make sure you don’t pay over the odds.


    The maximum price you should be paying for the Hotpoint Smart+ RSG845JKX is £399, but the best price would be below £370.


    Remember to also check out some independent review sites to see how they are rating this washing machine. Two of the best sites for this are below, but you will have to be a member of Which? to read their reviews:

    1. Reevoo

    2. Which?


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  • Anti-Stain Programme
    Removes more than 100 stains

  • 30 minute Quick Wash
    To clean a small load of lightly soiled clothing

  • Time Delay
    Wash at a time convenient for you


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