Beko WDR8540141G Washer Dryer

  • This Beko WDR8540141G washer dryer comes with an 8kg wash and 5kg dry capacity, suitable for most, but if you have a large family you might want to opt for something a little bigger.


    With Bluetooth functionality, you can control this washing machine from your smartphone or tablet (within a certain distance). Just download the HomeWhiz app and you can save favourite programmes, get help choosing the right programme and even download new programmes.


    SteamCure releases a burst of steam at the end of the wash to reduce creases which should save you some time on your ironing duties.


    Beko claim their ProSmart Inverter Motor provides a more energy efficient and quieter operation, it also comes with a 10 year warranty for extra peace of mind, but to benefit from this 10 year warranty you must register your product within 90 days of purchase, read here for more details.


    The wash & wear programme, allows you to wash and dry an outfit in only 60 minutes, perfect for that last minute dash when you need something cleaned and ready to wear in a hurry. Other special programmes include a 28 minute full 8kg load wash for lightly soiled laundry, a 14 minute 2kg wash and Anti-Allergy and Wool programmes.


    There is an LED display, where you can keep track of the time remaining of your wash and the time delay means you can set your washer dryer to start at a time more convenient for you.


    Remember to take a read through my washer dryer guide before making your purchase.



    What’s the best price for the Beko WDR8540141G?


    If you are interested in buying the Beko WDR8540141G washer dryer, then make sure you don’t pay over the odds.


    The maximum price you should be paying for the Beko WDR8540141G is £400, but the best price would be below £380.


    Remember to also check out some independent review sites to see how they are rating this washer dryer. Two of the best sites for this are below, but you will have to be a member of Which? to read their reviews:

    1. Reevoo

    2. Which?


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  • ProSmart Inverter Motor
    Energy efficient and quieter in operation

  • Wash & Wear Programme
    Wash and dry a small load in only 60 minutes

  • LED Display
    Easily view the time remaining of your chosen cycle


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