Indesit IWDD7123
7/5kg 1200rpm

  • This Indesit IWDD7123 comes with a 7kg wash and 5kg dry capacity, if you are a large family you might want to go for something a bit bigger. The spin speed is on the low side, and this means that clothes will not come out as dry (meaning more time spent in the dryer and thus more energy consumed).


    There is an LED display, where you can keep track of the time remaining of your wash and the time delay means you can set your washer dryer to start at a time more convenient for you.


    The Express Wash & Dry option will have a small load washed, dried and ready to wear in just 45 minutes. Other special programmes include Jeans and Sports.


    Indesit offer a 10 year guarantee on parts (1 year for labour), but to get this you have to remember to register your warranty and parts are only free if they are fitted by Indesit, read here for more details.


    Remember to take a read through my washer dryer guide before making your purchase.


  • LED display
    View the time remaining of your chosen cycle

  • Express Wash & Dry
    45 minutes to wash and dry a small load

  • Time Delay
    Wash at a time convenient for you

  • PRICE AS OF: 17/01/2020

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