Bosch WTE84106GB
8kg Condenser

  • This Bosch WTB84106GB tumble dryer is a 7kg sensor controlled condenser dryer with the option to also use a 20 minute timed programme.


    There is an LED display to show you how long your drying cycle has left until it finishes and you can even set a time delay so you can dry at a time more convenient for you . When a programme has finished a buzzer will sound to let you know.


    You can adjust the heat setting to either low or high, it is recommended to use a high heat setting when drying cottons and a low heat setting for more sensitive fabrics. There is also a Freshen Up setting, where you can quickly refresh clothes that do not need washing but have a slight odour eg slightly musty, been in your cupboard for a long time.


    The warning lights will remind you to empty the water tank and fluff filter and there is also a light inside the drum which gives you a better view when loading and unloading clothes.


    Special programmes include Sportswear, Allergy+ and a small load quick dry programme, ideal for those emergency situations.


    Remember to take a read through my tumble dryer guide before you make your purchase.

  • LED Display
    View the time remaining of your chosen cycle

  • End of Cycle Buzzer
    Audible alert when your cycle has finished

  • Time Delay
    Dry at a time convenient for you

  • PRICE AS OF: 11/10/2019

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